Preventive Maintenance

“Professional preventive maintenance, Guaranteed by international standards”

In addition to manufacturing and installation, we also take care of your cold rooms by our teams of specialized engineers and technicians, using high precision instrument. Your cold rooms always work at highest efficiency.

Why Preventive Maintenance





 Save cost from repairing

  Prevent cold rooms from collapse

Extend lifespan for cold rooms at highest efficiency

Save energy

Strong Cold Room Package

Why waiting for your cold rooms to collapse?

Collapsing cold rooms are mainly caused by weight increase of foam due to accumulation of water absorbed during usage. Hangers which may deteriorate over time are also a major cause. Therefore, cold rooms without regular preventive maintenance are under risk of collapse.      

At S Panel, we make it our priority to always encourage our customers to be aware of how important preventive maintenance is. It will save people’s lives as well as your business. Any business loss due to damage of products, losing orders and the urgent need to renovate cold rooms will be prevented and taken care.


  • Worry-free from cold room collapse
  • Protect people’s lives
  • Prevent business loss  
  • Extend lifespan of cold rooms



Energy Saving Package

Your refrigeration system must work harder and harder each day to handle additional load from deteriorating insulation from absorbed water and increasing numbers of leakages.

S Panel can help you save your electricity bill by checking and identifying sources of wasted energy and correct them. The result is your cold rooms working at higher efficiency. We are professional teams consisting of engineers and technicians with long experience in cold rooms. Together with our up to date technology and instrument, we are ready to help you save your electricity.       


  • Save cost
  • Maintain product quality at the right temperature
  • Prevent any breakdown of refrigeration system due to over load